What Wine Goes With Seafood? 5 Amazing Pairings


If you roast fish for a holiday dinner or order sushi for a family gathering – being aware that wine to serve with seafood is essential to complement flavors and tastes. Keep reading to find out some popular wine choices for dishes with seafood.

Aged Chardonnay remains an excellent consideration to pair with plain salmon dishes, while salmon steaks require something bolder, like low-tannin Lambrusco. When sushi is served with wasabi, pour a glass of dry Riesling to smooth the savor. A light roll California goes well with fruity, light Chardonnay. Having a glass of Chenin blanc or fine Rose is always a good idea once you are a lover of something more exotic, such as lobster, and don't know which wine to choose.

Most seafood requires light fruity wines to complement the savory tastes, although reds also suit certain seafood dishes. Check up on the infographic below to find out some more information.

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