What are Drop Cards?

Drop Cards

Drop cards are not at all like conventional business cards (that get tossed out or lost), cash cards, are kept and loved by the beneficiary as an oddity. Effective business visionaries comprehend the estimation of maintenance and how this is the most ideal approach to gain by current, future business and referrals. A few business people just use cash cards as their foremost business card, while some utilization those to create extra business from those they presently can't seem to meet or both!


Hand Cash Cards to Everybody

Genuine Announcement Appeared

NO cold pitching! NO Dismissal!

Since your commercial is veiled as cash, you don't need to pitch a thing or stress over cold pitching or dismissal. You should simply drop, spot or them hand out. How simple is that? "I guarantee advancing your item or administration with BILL-BOARD® drop cards will be the best time you have ever had with promoting and your possibility will get a genuine kick out it. Win-win! - > well that is a sizzle card!

Watch Your Business Skyrocket!

Business cards that seem as though cash benefit from human instinct that we cannot avoid the appeal of discovered cash. The outcome is astonishing;

BILL-BOARD® drop cards become the most astounding and moderate conveyance vessel for your business message.

It has been demonstrated over and over; on the off chance that somebody sees a $100 note on the ground, their psyche makes an immediate reaction to act, it will be gotten. Your message will be conveyed and perused! In contrast to other publicizing mediums, BILL-BOARD® drop cards are a definitive and moderate promoting device for; advertising your business, tempting financial specialists to join your Staggered Showcasing (MLM) program, get possibilities to consider your HOTLINE or watch your promotion VIDEO!

Genuine Announcement cash drop card

Genuine Announcement Appeared

Increment Deals In Any Business or Administration


Home loan Representatives!

Staggered Showcasing!

Pay Opportunity!

Air conditioning support!

Lawn care!


Circuit testers!


Cash Directors!

Money related Counselors!

Expense Preparers

Car Reps!

Furniture Reps!

Protection Operators!

Any Business or Administration!

"... Everybody Cherishes Discovered Cash!"

Presently Available for use | More up to date $100 Greenback Plan

Presently Available for use

One hundred $100 dollar drop card - outside plan

Already available for use

BILL-BOARD® $100 Cash Drop Cards are practical to the point that everybody will swear they discovered genuine cash. We presently offer the two styles of cash; the past and the current one hundred dollar greenback found available for use.

Our cash cards are exactness machine kick the bucket slice and graphically intended to make the optical hallucination that a "solitary" card (when collapsed over) appears as though a heap of one hundred dollar notes. There is nothing else like it available. Barr-none!

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