PE House CFO Recruitment

CFOs are escaping from the finance department to increasingly take responsibility for wider operations within their organisations. Number crunching and spreadsheets have been replaced by wider oversight of investor relations, cybersecurity, and technological investment.

Companies are actively recruiting for CFOs with PE house experience to act as the CEO’s second-in-command, advising on decision making and strategy. Today’s CFOs are involved in decision-making as varied as investing in IT products to developing supply chain resilience.

CFOs who have private equity experience are uniquely placed to assist companies by developing new investment products and adapting to changing investor profiles, particularly in emerging margins.

At FD Capital, we’re seeing a rise in demand for recruiting CFOs with PE experience. Companies across every industry are seeking CFOs who are digital natives, able to engage with AI and automation to provide next generation forecasting and data insights to streamline decision-making.

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