Latoya HD Feat. Veektoriya - Christmas Is Here Again

"Christmas is Here Again" - A Festive New #Christmas Song from Levitikal Music.

This upbeat new #Christmas Music collaboration brings together gospel artists Latoya HD of Jamaica and Veektoriya of Nigeria. Their soulful vocals celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in this modern #Christmas Carol song.

Bright procussion, jingle bells and bouncy drums set a joyous seasonal holiday scene. Latoya HD and Veektoriya trade uplifting lyrics about Christmas preparations for the #holidays in the uplifting chorus "Christmas is here again."

Featuring guitarist Dario Marcello, each artist shines in this #New Christmas Song perfect for your #Christmas Playlist. Their energy is sure to light up your #holiday festivities.

Add this #Christmas single to your lineup now on all platforms! Whether by the fireplace or with loved ones, "Christmas is Here Again" spreads warm holiday cheer.

Stream or download for feel-good #seasonal music anytime. The magic of #Christmas is here again with Levitikal Music!

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