Frontpoint vs SimpliSafe App

Frontpoint vs SimpliSafe

While the SimpliSafe APP will enable the user to control most basic functionality, this is an area where Frontpoint has a clear advantage. With advanced features such as Crash and Smash protection and Geo-Fencing capabilities, the Frontpoint APP has a lot more capability.

With built-in Z-Wave capability, the Frontpoint system serves as a central hub for virtually any Z-Wave compatible home automation device.

SimpliSafe does have Alexa and Nest compatibility, which serves to expand some of its home automation capabilities. However, the process is not as seamlessly integrated as the Frontpoint system.

When comparing SimpliSafe vs. Frontpoint, the Frontpoint APP will offer additional capabilities as well as a more polished user interface. Both APPs are able to accomplish the following functions. Although SimpliSafe may require additional set up through Nest and Alexa.

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