BMW Worker’s Nazi Facebook Page - BMW Nazi Protests

Black Lives Matter -

Not only must we get rid of the Confederates but we must remove Nazi as well.

Sometime in June 2020 a letter was written to BMW about a racist organization that operated inside Gestamp Automotive, a company owned by BMW. Gestamp worker’s Facebook page showed him and a group of guys saluting like Nazis with a flag that says “white pride worldwide” along with other racist comments and pictures.

BMW made worker erase racist Facebook page, in order to erase the evidence. We still have copy of Facebook page and we are releasing it for public opinion. We find this to be the BMW company vision, values, and culture.

BMW Nazi activity in America creates a George Floyd society where people feel they have white privilege to violate black lives. BMW’s irresponsible and misguided actions have created an atmosphere that has induced continued harassment and violence toward minorities in the Automotive Industry and America in general.

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