What Wine Goes Best with Each Dinner Course

Whether you are hosting a dinner with family or friends and want to impress your guests, being aware of the best wine-food pairing is key. Let's discover a few examples.

Light appetizers, like spring rolls and cheese boards, require a beverage with high acidity to complement the tastes. Go for a bottle of chilled sparkling wine, like Brut. Meanwhile, white wine is a perfect combo for soups, like cauliflower or broccoli. If you have Caesar or another fresh salad on the menu, consider pouring a glass of light red wine – Grenache is your best bet. Finally, remember that the main meat entree goes well with full-bodied reds, while fish tastes delicious with a glass of white or sparkling wine.

Selecting the right wine for each meal within your wine dinner is the first pledge of the tastiest experience. Check the infographic for more details.

sparkling wine

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