What Are The Different Types Of Special Hazard Suppression Systems?

Fire prevention and fire safety strategies are essential to reduce fire risk within a facility. Fire suppression systems are integral to such plans, requiring regular maintenance, inspecting, and testing. Keep reading to explore these measurements.

Fire suppression inspection is essential to ensure the fire alarm system is serviceable. Technicians will work to reveal layout changes, recent discharges, and other features during an inspection. Besides, fire suppression testing is conducted annually or bi-annually to review operating fire extinguishers. Certified specialists can also perform fire suppression maintenance biannually. Professionals will replace worn-out fire suppression elements to keep the entire system functional and your facility safe.

To ensure the building is protected against the flame, inspection, testing, and repairs of your fire suppression systems should be conducted regularly. Check up on the infographic below for more info.

fire prevention

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