Microdosing LSD vs Mushrooms

Generally, microdosing with shrooms or LSD reduces anxiety and helps treat the signs of depression and increase focus. This experience does not produce any changes in consciousness since it provides taking tiny amounts of psychedelics. Here are the main differences between microdosing LSD and shrooms to not get confused.

The first difference goes to the origin of these psychedelic substances. The shrooms come from nature, while LSD is made synthetically. In addition, the magic mushrooms are mainly hard to doze appropriately compared to LSD, so experts recommend buying capsules with shrooms powder inside. Another difference you should remember is a status in legislation – LSD is still illegal while the magic mushrooms are only on their way to decriminalization.

Microdosing of both LSD and shrooms is a popular experience today, but you have to figure out the main signs that distinguish them. Check up on the infographics below for more information.


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