Facts Not Opinions- Unbiased Data Research Website

We provide the unfiltered data behind the biggest issues facing the United States and the world.

1. Coronavirus / Covid-19 - Global Daily updates and trends, breaking news, deaths, pandemic comparisons, cases by age, gender, etc.

2. Crime statistics / Incarceration statistics - by age, gender, federal vs state, global

3. Environmental Statistics - Major Green House Gases, Co2 Emissions, Global Temperature data, Percent of Forrest area on earth and more.

4. Financial and Employment Statistics - US Unemployment Rate, Dow Jones, Federal Reserve Rate, Employment changes by industry, unemployment by race and gender, the national debt, labor force participation by education and more!

The data is not tampered with to reach a predetermined conclusion and does not have a political agenda.

The data is what it is. These are FactsNotOpinions.

Contact us if interested in guest writing or sharing facts.

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