Drone Flying Laws

Even though drones are now commonly used, the question of whether drones are legal is still prevalent. You need to check up on the law in your country to make sure drones are not forbidden in your region. Here are the main drone flying rules you need to know.

The first important thing is privacy invasion, which means it is forbidden to use drones for photography or surveillance purposes not to interrupt someone's privacy. Nonetheless, there are some sensitive places like state institutions where it is also forbidden to use drones. Apart from this, you should get the registration with the FAA that is now mandatory for all the pilots. Additionally, some states include height restrictions – it provides permission to fly at a certain height. In the USA, it is 400 feet.

Keep in mind that mentioned drone rules act depending on the type of drone you use, including the weight of your drone. Be aware of the appropriate laws to prevent yourself from any unwanted situations. Check up on the infographic below for more information.

drone flying rules

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