5 Common Auto Transport Myths

The information related to the auto transport services can make you confused, but it shouldn't. Anyway, some popular auto transport myths need to be discussed and dispelled. Here are the most widespread inventions about auto transportation that you need to distinguish.

The first common myth says that driving your vehicle is cheaper than shipping it, but it's not the truth. Only a reputable shipping company will make the transportation of your vehicle faster, more affordable, and safer, so think twice whether you are doubting about driving a car on your own. Besides, some people believe that looking for the lowest price is the main feature while choosing the shipping company – keep in mind that cheap services do not always mean high-quality. It is worth mentioning that some clients still believe that their quotes depend on the shipping distance. Apart from distance, the features like a type of vehicle, weather conditions, and season also play a significant role.

The myths about auto transport can quickly grab your attention, but it would be better to clarify all the details about your shipping day in a carrier. Check up on the infographics below for some more information.

Transport Myths

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