Designing Your SimpliSafe Security System

Perimeter Protection - When planning the design of a security system, the first priority is perimeter protection. The priority at this stage is to deter potential intruders with yard signs, window stickers, and visible SimpliSafe outdoor cameras.

Interior Protection – Your system should also include a second line of defense in case an intruder is able to get past the perimeter protection. Motion detectors can be strategically mounted to protect larger areas.

Asset Protection- You can even place contacts on gun cabinets, liquor cabinets or office doors to protect valuable items.

Environmental Protection – Your system can also be set up to monitor environmental hazards such as fire, carbon monoxide, flooding or freezing. There are special sensors for each of these applications.

Home Automation- The SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera, Simplicam, the Indoor SimpliSafe Camera and the SimpliSafe Smart Lock can all be managed with your SimpliSafe App.

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